Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going gluten-free

We found out the C's tiny stature (14 1/2 lbs at 13 1/2 months) can be attributed to Celiac Disease.  So ... we are going gluten-free/casein-free.  We may switch to just gluten-free in the future, but we will try to give C's gut a break to heal.

One of my first questions to all of my GFCF momma friends was "is there a decent GFCF bread?" I had heard that most breads tasted like cardboard and well, I am obsessed with like bread.  A couple of people recommended Udi's.  (There is a coupon on their website too!)

Well, we bought a loaf of their white sandwich bread during our first outing to the local health food store.  Wow! It looks like real bread, tastes like real bread and is pretty yummy all around.  I really like it toasted and so does C.

Stick around for more gluten-free food reviews.. and more recipes and crafts of course!


  1. My son is also on a gluten free diet. He was diagnosed with autism 4 years ago and has been eating gluten free for almost 2 years and casein free for almost 4 :).. I found your blog from the blog frog post on Mckmamas page :)

  2. Looking forward to Gluten free recipes, following your lovely blog from blog frog.