Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kid's Consignment Sales

I participated in a childrens consignment sale this past weekend. I both consigned and shopped. These sales are often hosted by a group of women, some are franchised so the names are similar across the country. They are often held in the fall and spring and attract hundreds of people to the sale. Most people sell their childrens' clothing, toys, books, crib bedding, blankets, strollers, high chairs ~ you name iit, they are selling it. I didn't sell anything that belonged to either of my children. I sold items that I had purchased previously at thrift stores and garage sales. As a consigner, you often receive 70-75% of the cost of your item.

An example from last weekend's sale:

Pooh Plush Deluxe Costume similar to this one.

This costume retails for $39.99 online. I bought one for $4 at a local thrift store. I sold it for $10 at the sale this weekend. Now, this is a small profit item - I netted $3. However, I didn't have to invest a lot of time in selling this costume. I could have made more by selling it on eBay, but it was bulky and would have been hard to ship. Plus, the photographs of the costume without the child look a little strange and not horribly appealing.

Multiply this small profit - I sold shoes, costumes and clothing - by 100 items and I've earned $300 for some shopping (that I love to do!), an evening of prep work and an hour of drop-off /pick-up at the sale.

Stay tuned for my next post about buying at a consignment sales for resale.

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