Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Consignment Sale finds

I already spoke about selling my items at the consignment sale. I found a few great items for resale too! Some items I look for include security blankets, Halloween costumes, retired children's toys, shoes and high end clothing. I was lucky enough at this last sale to find the following:

Fisher Price Cookie Puzzle - this was my son's favorite puzzle and I found out how expensive they were when I wanted to buy one for a friend's child

Babystyle Octopus Costume - Obviously a very seasonal item, but always a favorite

Bear-Headed Tiddliwinks Lovey - I buy any lovey in this style that I find for less than $3

Halo Sleepsacks - I find these sell best in lots of two or more.

I also found a few clothing items that I will be taking to our local high end consignment store. My time is in short supply right now so I'm taking advantage of the easier way out!

Most of these sales have 1/2 price during the second day so don't forget to come back for that!

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